Seize their attention. Prepare to stand out.

Our purpose is to make you look good, and make sure the spotlight falls squarely on your brand. Our friendly team is at your service and on your side. It’s not just about getting great results (although our clients do). It’s about enjoying the process. There’s no hard sell, but we will gently challenge you in the best interests of your brand.

Think about how many brands you were exposed to today – and how many you can actually remember. True – good design is just part of your brand’s success story (you also need to back it up with a cohesive, consistent strategy to help build trust and awareness among your target markets) – but it’s a vital one.

If your branding looks shoddy or doesn’t reflect what you do, you’re already behind the eight ball. Things don’t get any better if you have several divisions and your branding has a different look and feel across each one.

Here at Cassette, we don’t do mediocre.
We do memorable.
As in having a bold, unique design that survives all those fads that may be fine for today but don’t have the legs to take your business into the future.

It’s how we approach the whole brand design process that makes all the difference.

Your business didn’t come off a conveyor belt. Neither should your brand.

That’s why before any of our design team go anywhere near a sketchpad and mac, we sit down with you to gain a clear understanding of what exactly makes your business… your business.

It’s more than just talking about your products and services.

We drill down to your values and personality as well. They’re all essential ingredients that set you apart from all the other guys out there.

They all go into the creative pot to come up with a brand design that says all the right things about your business to all the right people.

Check out some examples of what we’re talking about. Then let’s talk about creating a brand that reflects your product, service or business – perfectly.