HOW WE CAN HELP: CUSTOM Point of sale, display & SIGNAGE

Seize their attention. Prepare to stand out.

When it comes to corporate signage and packaging, we love making the impossible possible! At Cassette, we offer branding services for bespoke signs and point of sale (POS) displays. With branded signage, you make it easier for customers and potential customers to see your brand, whether it’s in a shop or in a retail convention. From store to the aisles, we have the perfect custom signs that enhance brand recognition and impact.

Displays are some of the most effective promotional solutions on the market. They’re straightforward, versatile and undeniably powerful. As marketing tools, they drive brand awareness and take you where you need to be: in front of your target audience.

Our job is to make sure the signage and displays we create for you are a standout. With our level of commitment to client needs, you’ll never run out of options.  

From branded free standing display units (FSDU), display fridges, deck chairs to eyecatching floor, table and window decals, Cassette can create and deliver it all. Discuss with us your preferences and desired outcome - the Cassette team will work tirelessly to create solutions that you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

At Cassette, we’ll help you create:

·       Impactful activation signage

·       Memorable display stands

·       Creative packaging

·       Vehicle signage & wrapping

·       Branded apparel, clothing & hats

Don't settle for companies who tell you it can't be done! No project is too big or too difficult for Cassette. We relish the challenge of producing something that is 100% bespoke to you. We study your brand, understand your preferences and create branded displays that speak not only to you, but to your market.